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sailing belizeWhy charter Belize with Belize Sailing Vacations? We are a Belize based, family owned full service Belize yacht charter business sailing Belize and Guatemala since 2001. Sailing in Belize with Belize Sailing Vacations offers you the ultimate opportunity to explore all that Belize has to offer. Belize Sailing Vacation offers all the amenities of an all inclusive Belize Resort aboard your own private luxury Belize catamaran tailored to your specific interest.

Upon receiving your Guest Preference Information, our concierge and captain will design a tailored itinerary to meet your group's special interest. The following are a few sample itineraries that show the many possibilities of discovering southern islands of Belize and Guatemala’s Rio Dulce aboard your private luxury Belize catamaran charter.

Sample Itinerary -- 11 Days/ 10 Nights
Exclusive Belize Charter Package

Day 1 & 2 Explore Belize Islands, Ultimate Belize Sailing Vacation

Your Luxury Belize Catamaran Charter departs departs Cucumber Beach Marina, Belize City after clearing Customs & Immigrations and sets sail for South Water Caye. Guests who sail or want to learn how to sail will enjoy taking turns at the helm with Captain Cliff's guidance Sailing Belize in one of our private luxury catamarans is an exhilarating experience.

The Belize fishing enthusiast in the group will enjoy trolling along the way to help catch dinner (mackerel, tuna, cobia are often caught inside the Belize reef). Bow watch for dolphins and sun on the trampolines underway while enjoying refreshing tropical drinks or cocktails from the bar.
In the afternoon we will arrive at South Water Caye. This is an incredibly beautiful island with white sandy beaches and one of the most pristine Belize diving, Belize snorkeling and fishing spots. You will see its tall coconut woodland from a long way off. South Water Caye sits right on the reef on the north side of South Water Cut, a ¼ mile wide reef gap. Often our guests opt for a picnic lunch on the beautiful white sandy beach under the palm trees and enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling, or kayaking along the Belize reef.

belize fishingRendezvous diving and Belize fishing can be arranged with the local Belize dive shops. The diving along the cut and outside the Belize reef is breathtaking. For the serious fishermen, South Water offers you excellent Belize flats fishing as well as reef and blue water fishing. The local Belize fishing guides are some of the best in the business and have a reputation for knowing the hot fishing spots.
At sunset enjoy cocktails on the bow overlooking the reef while your chef prepares lobster on the barbeque.

Once you have visited South Water Caye and its neighboring island Tobacco Caye, you will understand why our repeat customers often make these Cayes their primary Belize vacation destination.

beach in belizeDay 3 Explore Belize Islands, Ultimate Caribbean Belize Vacation Package

In the morning we set sail from South Water Caye to Placencia, a peaceful seaside village located at the southern tip of a long narrow peninsula about 30 miles south of Stann Creek. This charming fishing village is bordered by a lovely, crescent-shaped beach trimmed with rows of palm trees.

In town explore the small village shops, walk on the beach and meet the locals. In the evening enjoy a sample of fine Belize dining on your seaside terrace overlooking the village.

belize sailing and kayakingDay 4 Explore Belize Islands, Ultimate Caribbean Belize Vacation Package

In the morning your private Belize Catamaran sets sail to the Rio Dulce, Guatemala arriving in the afternoon at Livingston to check into the country and explore the town.

Livingston overlooks Caribbean from a low hill at the mouth of the Rio Dulce. This isolated settlement is only accessible by boat or plane.

During the late 1800's Livingston was Guatemala's primary seaport, shipping coffee, bananas, and tropical hardwoods from the Guatemalan highlands. Today Livingston is a backwater town, home to about 3000 Black Caribs, Mayans and Mestizos.
The center of Livingston is at the top of the hill, which is bursting with small almacences and tientas (stores). Our guests enjoy visiting the Tucan Duga resort with its beautiful vista overlooking the harbor. El Tiberon, the restaurant at Tucan Duga offers a great sampling of local cuisine which can also be enjoyed poolside.

Day 5 Explore Belize, Ultimate Belize Sailing Vacation

Your Private luxury Belize Catamaran heads up the Rio Dulce river to Fronteras.
The Rio Dulce is ranked as one of all time ultimate’s in Belize cruising. From Livingston we follow the Rio Dulce river as it twists and winds for 6 miles through a spectacular gorge of 300-feet towering limestone cliffs backed by dense walls of tropical green foliage.
After the first bend, we will come to a long limestone wall of graffiti where generations of mariners before have left their mark. In the 17th century, the Rio Dulce offered a safe sanctuary for Spanish galleons heavily laden with gold plundered from the Inca Empire in Peru. Here they sought refuge from the pirate - infested waters that plagued the Belize.

Along the river you will feel like you have gone back in time. We are always in awe as we watch the young Mayan children and women paddling in their cayucas (dugout canoes carved from mahogany logs) across the river to sell their daily fish catch of the day or fresh baked tortillas. Most of the native homes on the river are made of stick walls with palapas (thatched roofs made of palm leaves) surrounded by lush land that provides bountiful fruit & vegetables.

Gradually the river gives way to El Golfete a 10-mile long bay. Located on the shore of the bay is the Biotopo Chocon Machacus, a manatee reserve and national park that includes 18,000 acres of the northern bank. This is a great place to enjoy the park's self- guided nature trail where you will see many species of tropical birds, butterflies and the Panchito spider monkeys.

After leaving the El Golfete we follow the river to the town of Fronteras, where we will stay at Mario's Marina for the night. Depending on the time of day we arrive, we will explore the Rio via the tender to check out the different sites along the river and town.
In this part of the Rio Dulce you see the classic case of cultures in collision, as modern Guatemalans and cruisers meet traditional Mayans.

aqua calienta belizeDay 6 Explore Belize, Ultimate Belize Sailing Vacation

Our destination will be the lush tropical setting of Aqua Caliente, a 25-foot waterfall of hot spring water that spills into a deep pool formed by a cool mountain stream. It is an exhilarating experience to stand under the hot spring waterfall and swim in the cool stream pools. You will want to bring your camera to capture this lush tropical setting, it is beyond words to describe the experience.

On our way to Aqua Caliente we will pass Castillo San Felipe, an old, Spanish fort built in 1652 that served as a defense against the pirates. From there we will enter Lake Izabel (Lago Izabal), the largest body of fresh water in Guatemala (30 miles long & 15 miles wide).There are over 25 Mayan sites, mostly unexcavated, on the shores of Lake Izabal.

castillo san felipeGuests that extend their Guatemala stay highly recommend the visit to Quirigua, one of the Mayan sites known for preserved large stone carvings that are said to be among the finest works of art ever carved by the Mayans.

We will continue to the north shore of Lake Izabal and dock at Finca El Paraiso. We will be greeted by Senora Dona Blanca who owns this fabulous working farm. She also has a small palapa restaurant on the lake where she serves local cuisine of fresh fish, chicken and or beef with a wonderful selection of citrus, bananas, mangos from the farm.

Once ashore our guests have the option to travel via horseback or tractor ride through the lush farm land to the Agua Caliente trail site (15minutes). From here we enter the lush tropical forest where we walk on a well maintained path of smooth river gravel along the river until we get to the falls (5 min walk) There are guides on the property that maintain the environment and to assist visitor if needed at the falls. We like to visit this site during the weekdays, where often we are the only guest on the property.
After our "Tropical Jungle Spa" experience we will have lunch at Finca El Paraiso or on the yacht as we head back to Mario's Marina for the night.

Also for those that like to explore the Mayan ruins, we offer a once in a lifetime exploration to visit Tikal, one of the most famous Mayan sites. This is an all day trip, however our guest rate the experience right up there with the Pyramids. Your Mayan guide will take you to private sites as well as offer you a wonderful Guatemala culture exchange.

Day 7 Ultimate Belize Sailing Vacation Package

Your private belize Catamaran will venture back to Livingston to check out of the country and anchor for the night. Along the way back we may stop at Rio Lampara where there is a restaurant called Viajero. Our guests are guaranteed fresh fish as they pull it up from a cage kept under their dock. Also they serve other local cuisine.

Across the river from Viajero are hot sulphur springs. Depending on one's adventure level, you can climb up the embankment of rocks to soak in the steaming hot springs. The climb is worth the reward!

barrior reef belizeDay 8 & 9 Explore Belize Islands, Ultimate Belize Vacation Package

Tropicat sets sail to the remote Sapodilla Cayes. The southern 4 miles of the barrier reef consists of a series of large shoal and reef patches intersected by the deep channels. The six islands now standing on these patches are locally known as the Sapodilla Cayes. Many veteran divers consider the reefs around these Cayes to be among the most beautiful in all of Belize.

The water is exceptional clear with an average visibility of 100 feet or more on a sunny day. This is an adventure water wonderland for Belize diving enthusiasts, snorkelers, fishermen and kayakers.

Day 10 Explore Belize, Ultimate Belize Sailing Vacation

We sail back to Placencia to check into Belize and anchor for the night.

sailing belize islandsDay 11 Explore Belize, Ultimate Belize Sailing Vacation

Enjoy a day sail back to Belize City for a late afternoon departure.

Guest are responsible for the cost incurred clearing and entering both countries which would be approximately $400 (Belize & Guatemala Port Captain fees, Customs & Immigrations).

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