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20 Belize Sailing Stories: Guest Feature – Diana Dunkley

“Welcome home”, it’s the first thing we tell our guests upon arrival at the marina before becoming acquainted with the yacht where they will spend the next few nights and their crew that will ensure they have an unforgettable Belize sailing vacation! We consider every guest that has sailed with us a part of our BSV family. For this series of “20 Stories  of BSV” we are going to hear from one of our BSV family members who has sailed with us 4 times and counting…

We wanted to share with you what it’s like to sail in Belize with BSV from a guest’s perspective, so we asked Diana Dunkley to share her experiences with us.

When did you first sail with BSV?
I started sailing with Belize Sailing Vacations in 2012. Although it was only 8 years ago, I feel like I have been friends with Rachael, Cliff, and crew for my whole life. The richness of the experiences we have shared eclipse any other vacations I have ever experienced.

What were some of the most memorable moments?
I am happiest on the beautiful turquoise seas and sand beaches of the Caribbean – my eyes crave that color like no other! Plus, being quite the hedonist, I love the special treatment and fantastic food and drink that are provided on every BSV trip. There is nothing like having fresh caught sashimi almost every day! Also, the accommodations on their fleet of catamarans are totally up to date and quite luxurious. Special touches abound, and the crew anticipates just what you want and need before you even know you want it. This attention always makes me feel so pampered!

Have you sailed anywhere else and if so, how did it compare?
I have been on other catamaran trips around the Caribbean in Belize, Antigua, Nevis, and Barbuda. None of them held a candle to BSV! That is why we keep coming back. They know the islands and the best snorkeling spots throughout the Belizean seas – even in the middle of the ocean with “no land”! That was exciting!

What is your favorite island / collection of islands in Belize?
Since snorkeling is one of my favorite things, I have been stunningly impressed with spots like “The Aquarium” off Carrie Bow Caye and Glover’s Reef Atoll lagoon. We have traveled from Caye Caulker (too developed for me) to the Sapodillas and back, without a disappointing snorkel. I can’t claim a favorite spot – they are all different and magical. Not one has ever disappointed (again, I prefer to stay away from the more populated areas like Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye).

I would take note of the fascinating little ecosystem and bar on Hideaway Caye for some great Belizean ingenuity and hospitality. Also, for a town, Placencia is charming and has great markets and restaurants.

What makes sailing in Belize with BSV unique?
I could go on and on about the unique and treasured events facilitated by BSV, but I just don’t feel I have the words to really express what an incredible experience it is to sail with them. The quality of care, hospitality, and the knowledge of the staff, plus the genuine camaraderie all adds up to an experience that is A+++!

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Rachael, Cliff and their incredible staff! I am so looking forward to our next adventure!

Here’s a painting of Tobacco Caye done by Diana on one of her trips.