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20 Belize Sailing Stories: Crew Feature – Ruben Trejos

Commencing his 8th season at BSV, Ruben Trejos has a tremendous passion in his role as head captain, taking guests to the ultimate gems of the Belize seas, barrier reef, islands and atolls. An avid (and competitive!) fisherman, Ruben has landed plenty of epic catch including wahoo, mahi, cobia and Spanish mackerel, which ensures the most delicious catch of the day that the chefs whimsically prepare for dinner. We wanted to share some of Ruben’s highlights of sailing with BSV in Belize, plus a few tips for your charter.

When did you develop an interest in sailing?

Traditionally in San Pedro, before tourism began to flourish fishing was conducted in little wooden sailboats. Those boats were subsequently used for tourism pleasure cruises and as tour guides, we often took guests out on them for day trips, so sailing was firmly a part of my earlier days working as a guide. There are still a couple operating to this day, including “The Rum Punch” which is a classic San Pedro sight. (see photo).

Where is your favorite place to take guests?

Glovers Reef Atoll – it is very untouched; the snorkeling is the best in Belize and guests have likened it to Polynesia. It is filled with pristine corals and marine life. You can spend several days out there filled with snorkeling and island hopping and not see the same thing twice.

What is your favorite meal served on charter?

If we get fresh catch then catch of the day Belize style. You put sliced onions, bell peppers and tomatoes in a roasting tin, rest the fish fillet on top with creole seasonings, coconut oil and coconut milk and bake. Serve with ginger rice, a squeeze of lime and an icy cold Belikin. It is a classic.

What has been your most memorable charter?

I used to work as a divemaster and private tour guide for an exclusive small villa resort on Ambergris Caye. I had guests that came at least twice a year to enjoy being pampered at the resort but also to go out and do something on the water with me, mostly diving, every single day. When I moved to BSV they eventually booked a charter to sail with me, it was very special to wow them with so many other destinations in Belize, diving every day and taking them island bar hopping (they are big fans of the BVI’s scene). We finished the charter at St George’s Caye where I have a family home that has been in the family since the ’70s. It was special to finish the charter then be able to spend a few more days with them relaxing at my home.

What packing/arrival advice would you give to guests?

Bring your own snorkel mask. We have plenty of good masks on board, but it’s always better to have one that fits you perfectly. Also, take time on the preference form to be really detailed on food preferences. We don’t want to have to alter an itinerary to have to go to shore to pick up special items like kids’ food, the more detail the better!

Captain Ruben is ready to take you on a sailing vacation of a lifetime! Email us at [email protected] to book your next charter with Ruben and the rest of our awesome crew!