20 Belize Sailing Stories: Traveling To Belize Can Be Easy And Enjoyable! - Belize Sailing Vacations 20 Belize Sailing Stories: Traveling To Belize Can Be Easy And Enjoyable! - Belize Sailing Vacations

20 Belize Sailing Stories: Traveling To Belize Can Be Easy And Enjoyable!

Traveling to Belize can be easy and enjoyable, but don’t just take our word for it. As part of our 20 Belize Sailing Stories, we wanted to share what it’s like to sail Belize’s azure waters with BSV from a guest’s perspective, especially as we navigate these “uncharted waters.”

We reached out to our “brand advocate” and extended sailing family, Annette Giaudrone, who recently returned from her eighth sailing trip in Belize (yes, eight times!), to share her travel experience and tips in a pandemic era.

This time around, it was a 2-cat “flotilla” to celebrate her son Val’s high school graduation and enjoy being on the water with great friends. One boat was Val and two friends (the party boat as we came to call it), the other was Annette, Charlie, and their friends. We loved the adults-only/kids-only boat combo – everyone was happy!

1.) How was the overall travel experience for you from leaving home to boarding your yacht?

As always, the BSV team provided complete support and preparation for us to get to our yachts easily, including all the preferences we were looking for on this celebration vacation. Even during this time, our experience traveling from home to the vessel felt just like normal travel – just added face masks and smart behavior, and all was well.

2.) Were there any moments of concern or any advice you would give during the travel process?

Fortunately, we had no moments of concern. Like with any travel experience having patience is helpful. Airports and other travelers are a bit different than before, so be prepared with what you need and what will keep you healthy and safe; that’s always wise. Besides that – pack light. You don’t need much.

3.) How did you feel onboard with your crew members, given they were vaccinated and/or Covid tested before your departure?

Thrilled! Knowing that our group had a combination of negative tests required for entry to Belize and some vaccinations, we had a comfortable level of trust that we were all in a safe bubble.

4.) How did it feel to be in Belize on a yacht?

Belize on a yacht is the best! That’s why we keep coming. But in terms of health comfort – what could be more healthy than lots of sunshine, fresh air, and clean eating?

5.) What were the most memorable moments of your trip?

Oh my, that’s a tricky question. We had card games with lots of laughs, dinner with touching toasts among longtime friends, and watching our sons have a trip of a lifetime! So much.

6.) Where to next?

I’m thinking about that! This experience is hard to beat, but I’d love to sail further south in Central America. And I’m taking lessons to improve my sailing skills to fulfill a bucket list dream of sailing my own boat. As you can probably tell by now, I love this lifestyle.


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