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Belize Sailing Vacations Donates To Marine Conservation Organizations

Belize, a fascinating English-speaking Central American country, boasts a plethora of natural wonders, including the world’s largest living barrier reef, 3 of the Caribbean’s 4 pristine atolls, vast mangrove forests, and hundreds of idyllic islands.

Anchored by a passionate community of around 400,000 warm and welcoming Belizeans, the country takes immense pride in safeguarding its natural heritage. Approximately 25% of land and sea areas are preserved within 95 reserves, with ambitious plans to expand these protected areas through collaborative efforts between local and international NGOs and progressive government initiatives.

As a family-owned business offering all-inclusive luxury catamaran charters alongside Belize’s stunning coastline, Belize Sailing Vacations is deeply committed to conservation and sustainability. In line with our guests’ values, we have forged partnerships with several NGOs to minimize our ecological footprint and support vital conservation and preservation strategies.

Through our innovative 2022 summer promotion, we donated US$500 for every summer charter booked, culminating in US$7,500. This unique offering empowered our guests with the knowledge that their sailing vacation contributed to safeguarding Belize’s precious gems.

Divided equally among 10 esteemed marine organizations, the recipients of our contributions include:

  • Fragments of Hope
  • Glovers Atoll Marine Reserve
  • Ocean Academy
  • Oceana
  • The Belize Women’s Seaweed Farmers Association (BWSFA)
  • The Manateeman
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Tobacco Caye Marine Station (We are a proud sponsor of this year’s Lionfish Tournament!)
  • Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE)
  • Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association (TASA)

Furthermore, we donated two catamaran charters to Fragments of Hope, whose focus is on coral reef restoration. Their mission is to re-seed damaged reefs with genetically robust, diverse, and resilient corals and, simultaneously, begin to understand the biology and mechanisms of coral bleaching. The charters enabled them to have a home- and project-base as close to their underwater fieldwork as possible.

Our collective efforts have resulted in charitable contributions amounting to approximately US$17,500. We are immensely proud of this achievement and remain steadfast in our commitment to positively impacting Belize’s marine ecosystem.

Founded 20 years ago, Belize Sailing Vacations offers professional liveaboard catamaran charters, unparalleled hospitality, and unforgettable sailing experiences. Charters are meticulously tailored to our guests’ preferences – whether they are adventurers, anglers, gourmands, marine lovers, scuba divers, and anyone seeking relaxation.