Caring For Our Ocean | 20 Stories of BSV - Belize Sailing Vacations Caring For Our Ocean | 20 Stories of BSV - Belize Sailing Vacations

Caring For Our Ocean | 20 Stories of BSV

As we drew 2022 to a close, all the yachts were busy on their holiday charters pampering guests with decadent cuisine, exotic libations, and plenty of marine adventures; the vibe was all about celebration.

As we sail into 2023, we have even more to celebrate!

At BSV, we are passionate about supporting marine conservation organizations that work tirelessly to protect our marine environment.

Our summer promotion was quite different last year: We donated US$500 for every summer charter booked! The benefit to guests? Knowing that their sailing vacation has helped to safeguard Belize’s gems, including the largest living barrier reef, the pristine atolls, the vast mangrove forests and islands, and of course, the boundless spectrum of tropical aquatic life. Our donations will be split among these ten worthy organizations:

  • Fragments of Hope
  • Glovers Atoll Marine Reserve
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve
  • Ocean Academy
  • Oceana
  • TASA
  • The Manateeman
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Placencia Seaweed Farmers Cooperative
  • TIDE

We also donated two catamaran charters to our dear friends and partners, Fragments of Hope, a local NGO focusing on coral reef restoration and advocating for the sustainable management of associated habitats. Their mission is to re-seed damaged reefs with genetically robust, diverse, and resilient corals and, simultaneously, begin to understand the biology and mechanisms of coral bleaching. The crewed catamarans provided accommodations for the entire team, which enabled them to have a home- and project-base as close to their underwater fieldwork as possible.

The result? Our efforts amount to approximately US$17,500 in charitable contributions, and we will strive to continuously do much more. We are thrilled!

On behalf of Cliff, Rachael, and the BSV Team, here’s to a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous 2023, and we hope to see you soon!