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The Cayes To Happiness – The Guardian

“As my body hit the water, it exploded in light, streams of scintillating green and blue sizzling from my fingertips and sending out great curving constellations of phosphorescence. Diving down I blew bubbles and watched as they were lit by the same eerie light. Further below were strange discs of light – fish? – and other fractal flashes in the gloom. This is bioluminescence: marine bacteria and plankton that release a chemical called, appropriately, luciferin, when they are touched.

Eventually, after a long and unearthly swim through this cosmic cloudburst, I climbed out on the deck and lay down for a star bath. Industrial tourism seemed further away than the Orion nebula to which our masthead, a gently swaying finger, pointed.”

The former British colony of Belize is largely untouched by tourism, as our Kevin Rushby from The Guardian found out during a catamaran trip with Belize Sailing Vacations exploring the Caribbean coast of mangrove islands and remote reefs

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