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Why Sail in Belize

Why Sail in Belize?

Easy to Get To

  • With direct flights from major cities in Canada and the US, access to Belize has never been easier! European travelers can fly via the US or Cancun, Mexico, and catch a puddle jumper to Belize.

  • Our base – Cucumber Beach Marina / Old Belize – is only 15 minutes from the International Airport.

Still relatively unexplored as a sailing destination

  • Compared to other sailing destinations, such as the BVIs and the Mediterranean, Belize is lesser-known.

  • It is rare to sail across another boat on a remote itinerary; at popular cayes, there is typically only a handful.

  • Past guests have likened the experience to what the BVIs were 40 years ago!

  • With 7 elegantly appointed and fully crewed catamarans, BSV is the only true all-inclusive charter operation in Belize.

The ultimate access to the world’s largest living barrier reef

  • Sailing aboard a “floating hotel” provides unrivaled access to the world’s largest living barrier reef and the harder-to-reach remote sites.

  • We offer all the amenities of a beach resort – gourmet meals, fishing and snorkeling gear, kayaks, and paddleboards. Our captains are your built-in tour guides, with vast country-wide knowledge of Belize’s world-class marine life and epic snorkeling adventures.

  • We can assist you in making the necessary arrangements for off-boat activities, including rendezvous diving, specialist fishing, and spa treatments.

  • A liveaboard sailing charter provides the ultimate freedom to experience and see so much more of the country in comfort and style!

3 of the caribbean’s 4 atolls

  • Formed from the subsidence of oceanic islands and volcanoes, atolls are ecological wonders predominantly located in tropical waters such as the South Pacific (Polynesia and Tahiti). Belize has 3!

  • Turneffe Atoll’s landscape is pristine – clear wadeable flats, wild mangroves, and savannahs; it is an angler’s paradise and a mecca for all things fishing. We partner with in-the-know guides who whisk you away from the catamaran to insider places where anglers rarely compete for the prime channels and flats.

  • Lighthouse Reef Atoll is home to the colossal, perfectly round, and world-famous underwater sinkhole: The Great Blue Hole. One of its cayes, Half Moon Caye (hint, hint), is dotted with palm trees and complemented by a postcard-perfect crescent-shaped white-sand beach – an influencer’s paradise!

  • Named after English pirate brothers John and Rodger Glover, Glover’s Reef Atoll has over 700 patch reefs surrounded by 50 miles of sheer drop-offs. Word has it that Jacques Cousteau believed some of the best diving in the world was to be found around Glover’s, and we agree.

Over 400 cayes and islands to explore – endless possibilities

  • From Belize’s most popular islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker to the mesmerizing southernmost Sapodilla Cayes, the scope for itineraries is infinite, which is why we have guests returning year after year to discover somewhere new.

Ideal sailing conditions

  • Our typical sailing itineraries go from north to south, taking advantage of the trade winds blowing predominantly from the east. This allows us to harness Mother Nature’s power and seamlessly transition from engines to sails.

Culturally rich heritage to immerse in

  • Home to only 390,000 warm and welcoming English-speaking people, Belize is one of the most diverse societies in the world, with a rich history and heritage.

  • Dotted with ancient Maya cities and indigenous villages, cascading waterfalls, intricate cave systems, lush rainforests, untouched jungles, and myriad wildlife species, the list of things to do and experience is endless.

  • Guests often enjoy venturing inland for a day or so as part of their sailing itinerary or spending time inland before or after a charter.

Authentic caribbean beach bars, friendly locals, and vibrant food scenes

  • With authentic live music venues oozing Caribbean vibes, culinary hotspots, cultural meccas, over-the-water bars on remote atolls, rustic thatched island bars that transport you back in time, and spectacular sundowner spots, Belize has it all! And we can whisk you there as part of your BSV yacht charter.