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20 Belize Sailing Stories: Destination Feature – Our Most Remote Itinerary

As part of our series of ’20 Stories of BSV’ in the run up to our 20th year, this week we are showcasing a Destination Feature with our “Most Remote Itinerary”, for those looking to go completely off grid and tune out from the rest of the world. With 3 of the 4 Atolls in the whole Caribbean and hundreds of remote islands that dot the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, we can plot the most socially distant itinerary in the country which you can enjoy from the luxury and comfort of your own all inclusive private floating hotel! 

Spend your time cruising through the minefields of patch reefs and corals and visit uninhabited islands at Glover’s Reef Atoll, have an island to yourself for your own private beach party and get up close and personal with abundant wildlife above and below the water. We might have to pop to shore for an ice and provision re-stock, but we do it in the Sittee River near the sleepy Garifuna village of Hopkins, and you choose whether you want to step ashore. Here’s the outline itinerary:

(Note: this is based on a 7 day round trip charter from Belize City. For the ultimate remote itinerary start your charter with us in Placencia and cover the Sapodilla Cayes too in addition to the below!)

Day 1: Bluefield Range

A magical location for nature’s wonders, Bluefield Range is a mangrove cluster teeming with wildlife which makes for a fantastic kayaking destination. Kayak through the tiny channels, look out for manatees and birds, or take some bait and a fishing line and see what bites.

Day 2: Colson Reef & Tobacco Caye

As the sun comes up over the barrier reef you will be sailing south with a stop at Colson Reef. With a wonderful variety of corals, hard and soft, sea rods and fans, and vibrant red sponges, this is some of the healthiest reef seen in Belize due to its remote and untouched location.

Tobacco Caye is a 5-acre palm-fringed coral island perched on the barrier reef, with a few colourful cabanas and handful of locals who call this rock their home, a great place to learn about their distant island life. Snorkel the cut, another channel between the reef packed with marine life and vibrant corals.

Day 3: Southwest Caye, Glovers

The southernmost Atoll, Glovers Reef is a minefield of patch corals and epic marine life, with a scattering of tiny islands that sit on the outer reef. Being a designated National Marine Reserve and World Heritage Site, there are approximately 700 patch reefs brimming with the richest variety of marine life in the Caribbean – Snorkelers and divers alike are enchanted by the vast and endless spectrum of sea life.

Southwest Caye makes for a great anchorage as there a huge uninhabited perfect white beach with a backdrop of coconut trees (it was once a plantation) and since it sits on the lee side of the island, there isn’t a spec of ocean debris, just a few fallen coconuts and spotless sand.

Day 4: Middle Caye, Glovers

Spend the morning snorkelling then cruise up to Middle Caye, a wilderness zone with a marine research station run by the Wildlife Conservation Society open for visitors to explore. There are some interesting displays explaining the ecology of the Atoll and T-shirts for sale to support the conservation efforts. Take a walk down “hermit crab alley” and look out for the resident Ospreys!

Day 5: Long Caye & Sittee River

After an early morning of snorkelling we can visit Long Caye, home to Off The Wall Dive Resort, a remote, secluded, environmentally friendly, and privately owned island paradise. Visitors are welcome to explore and learn about their leading eco-practices and call in at their gift shop, which has some of the most authentic and boutiquey treasures in Belize.

Spend the early afternoon journeying to the mainland and meander up the Sittee River, where the contrast from ocean to jungle and river is breathtaking. We dock in the tiny marina surrounded by tropical gardens filled with hummingbirds. For those wanting to explore, it is possible to arrange a private car to take you into the sleepy seaside village of Hopkins, which has rich cultural routes with the ‘Garifuna’ population. After dark, venture into the Bioluminescent lagoon, which lights up like a cosmic bath of stars as you glide through the waters, a once in a lifetime experience!

Day 6 : Southwater Caye

Sail back out to the salt water to the reef to this pristine 12 acre private island that is one of the most beautiful and exclusive islands in Belize. On the the north side of the island is South Water Cut, which is a 1⁄4 mile wide gap in the reef and being in a marine reserve it attracts an impressive collection of resident marine life. Watch out for the moray eels hiding out in the overhangs! Explore the island, have a swim from the shore and watch the pelicans gather as the fishermen return and clean their catch as you enjoy happy hour on the deck.

Day 7: Rendezvous Caye

Rendezvous Caye is a tiny private island located right on the Belize barrier reef, with a collection of palapa shades, beach loungers and hammocks. We reserve the island for your exclusive use for the afternoon and overnight, so whether you want us to stage a private beach party with music and dancing, or just listen to the sounds of the deep water crashing on the reef, the choice is yours. You can snorkel along the reef wall right from the shore and experience the contrast of deep sea and shallows of the corals. Look out for the graceful spotted eagle rays, there are several who come to visit the boats to check on any scraps from the catch of the day!

Please note that the sailing itinerary is subject to weather conditions, sailing conditions, guest preferences and the whims and ideas of the captain. The itinerary is planned around an arrival time of noon. The itinerary will be subject to change for later arrivals.

All charters include:

  • All Inclusive Sailing aboard a luxury catamaran (44ft to 50ft based on your selection)
  • Dedicated crew of Captain and Chef / 1st mate
  • Elegant cuisine including breakfast, lunch, canapés, dinner & dessert
  • Open ‘ships bar’, including beers, rum cocktails and wine with dinner
  • Queen air conditioned cabins with private bathroom/shower
  • Equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and much more.
  • Private Transfers from Belize International Airport or Belize City