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Belize Sailing Adventures & Family Fun

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Great for Families and Friends

Every charter we offer is completely customized to the guests we have on board, meaning we can tailor the perfect all-inclusive vacation for families and friends. We’ve had guests ranging from 7 months to 90 years old and we love to accommodate and amaze all! Our Belize sailing vacations are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. No matter your interests, we aim to give you the best of Belize sailing adventures that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Families find that the togetherness aspects and the exclusivity of the private catamaran make this one of the best family vacations of all time. “Travel in style at your pace and go where you want to go…. Flexibility and freedom in comparison to other all-inclusive Belize Resorts…… Luxury and experience like no other……Great for all ages” are some of the guest comments we have received, and why so many return for their family vacation year after year.

doris luxury lagoon 500 belize catamaran

Your Charter Activities

Belize Island Exploration

Discover uninhabited islands that dot the barrier reef, or visit fun islands with local beach bars. Shop at local markets and experience Belizean culture and dine on shore at one of the many authentic eateries, meet the locals on remote islands, or indulge in a luxurious spa day at one of the boutique retreats that dot the coast…. you pick the pace!

On the Water

Enjoy world-class snorkeling directly from your yacht with the expertise and local knowledge of your captain and guide. Swim with sting rays & nurse sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, or go on a reef & marine eco-tour in Caye Caulker. We explore manatee reserves by kayak, spot dolphins from the bow, and amaze at the prolific birdlife from paddle boards while working up an appetite for the night’s catch.

Fishing and Trolling

Every day we set sail, we troll for our catch of the day, which can include king mackerel, cobia, bonito tuna, and snapper, which is whimsically prepared by your chef and 1st mate. For the enthusiasts, we can make arrangements (for an extra charge) for fly fishing, reef fishing, or deep sea fishing. Our captains also carry spear guns on board for an opportune moment to spear a lobster or snapper to add to the pot!

Under the Water

‘Rendezvous’ diving can be arranged throughout the country using the best dive shops with 5-star industry ratings. From certification courses to refresher dives to excursions to the Great Blue Hole, we can arrange it all as part of your Belize sailing itinerary.

On Land Excursions

Whether you want to climb grand Mayan temples, canoe downriver through the exotic jungle, clamber through the largest cave network in Central America, or be pampered in an award-winning spa, we can tailor-make it all as part of your sailing vacation.

Our sister business, Absolute Belize, can tailor-make a trip finely tuned to your preferences for a stay on land before or after your vacation.

Ultimate Relaxation

If relaxation is the top of your hit list, you will have all the right opportunities – sun on the trampolines or relax under the shade of the expansive bimini, enjoy cocktails and dine on deck under the stars in quiet anchorages, practice yoga on the bow at sunrise or float in azure waters of the Caribbean, the tempo is yours. We can also arrange for a private masseuse to visit the boat for custom spa treatments (anchorage-dependent).

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family on catamaran sailing adventure in the islands of belize

Amazing Diving in the reef Belize