Sailing with Pride - Belize Sailing Vacations Sailing with Pride - Belize Sailing Vacations

Sailing with Pride

As we celebrate pride month and all those who identify as LGBTQIA+, we recognize the intrinsic value of diversity, equality, and inclusion. But, of course, this extends beyond June and is a vital dynamic within our culture: crew, operations, yacht owners, and guests.


We embrace members of the Alphabet Mafia and are proud to say that 25% of our team identify as LGBTQIA+. Here at BSV, we thrive on all diversity – our ops team comprises Creole, Mennonites (master mechanics if we do say so
ourselves), Mestizo, and Rastafarian Belizeans – along with our complementary balance of Belizean and American crew, making one big happy “rice and beans” family!


Everyone is welcome in Belize and aboard our catamarans. Because of the equality and inclusion at our core, guests feel so at home sailing with us that they return year after year to bask in an eclectic mix of adventure, culture, and relaxation, which has created a Caribbean paradise unlike any other. We encourage the LGBTQIA+ community to experience its “live and let live” atmosphere for themselves.