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We are proud to be consistently rated a 5-star experience on TripAdvisor and other review sites. Please take a look at some of the awesome reviews we’ve received online :

“Incredible family memories for 20 year wedding anniversary”

For a stay in June 2015
We had an awesome family vacation for our 20 year wedding anniversary (--June 24th--). Our crew was Rufus & Kate Brand. They were the absolute best! We have done charter trips in the past --BVIs-- and knew what to expect. These guys went over and beyond! They even coordinated a wonderful beach barbecue on the day of our anniversary where my 3 boys and I surprised my husband with special words about our marriage & family. It was beyond special! Belize is beautiful but what matters is who you spend the time with on your vacation and these guys entertained us and especially the boys! My oldest got a sailing lesson which he thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend BSV and ask for Rufus & Kate! They make the company shine! Happy Sailing!!!
Chandra H
“Completed my ASA bareboat certification. Simply excellent.”

Reviewed December 7, 2013 for a stay in November 2013
Spent 5 days aboard Aubisque (47' sailing catamaran). I expected to learn how to sail better (which I did) but got a lot more. The hospitality, food, drinks and good times far exceeded my expectations.

Was looking for an option to complete my ASA (American Sailing Association) Bareboat 104 and Bareboat Catamaran 114 courses and Belize Sailing Vacations came up as a good option from the ASA website.

Firstly, we were on board with 2 extremely experienced instructors - Cliff Wilson and Curtis Collins. In itself, that's a pure luxury for anyone learning to sail and more than worthy of chartering BSV for. The amount I learned in this 5 days was immense and I feel very confident taking the next step and taking a Bareboat Catamaran out on my own.

Secondly, the food and drinks were magnificent. I expected glorified camping, but it was much closer to fine dining. To name a few favorites.... Grilled Lobster Tail, Conch Ceviche, Shrimp Curry, Spanish Mackerel and Banana Muffins. They even managed the best Pumpkin Pie I've ever eaten in honor of Thanksgiving - don't ask me how.

Lastly, the company and good times were loads and loads of fun. It's a little daunting to know you're going to be on a 5 day boat trip with people you barely know, but it proved to be very relaxed and comfortable. Cliff and Curtis were great to have on board and really made the trip for us. We also met up with another of the BSV's charter boats and made friends with those on board where we had a great Thanksgiving dinner. The crew on the other boat (Rachael and Genevieve) were very welcoming and a lot of fun too.

All in all, I can't rate this vacation highly enough and I'm really looking forward to doing it again.
“See the real Belize!”
Reviewed 5 May 2017 for a stay in November 2016
Note: I've written the below review of my own accord - BSV is a great option and deserves a great review, and didn't ask me to write any of it! 🙂
My wife and I got married late October 2016 and booked a charter through Belize sailing vacations for 4 nights, 5 days on a 43' Fountaine Pajot catamaran, one of many in the fleet BSV offers.
If you're reading this and considering booking, perhaps you had the same concerns as me (at least if you are inexperienced with this sort of thing as I was). Being my first charter booking, and of course doing most of my research online, my biggest concern was with making sure what was advertised and represented was in fact what we'd get as an experience. Happily, I can say that this was in fact the case down to every detail. Everything went exactly as advertised, and in line with expectations. BSV are real people with a real attitude of hospitality in mind. When I initially booked, I spoke directly with the owner of the company, and he was able to reassure me not just with more information about booking and what to expect, but was willing to satisfy some of my curiosities about how the business worked and investment possibilities with chartering, etc.
A few other major concerns in booking the catamaran was the quality of the boat, and who would crew it. BSV has a lot of boats to choose from in the fleet - if you book with enough advanced notice, you can pick what you like and the team will explain exactly what you're getting. We got photos of the boat in advance, and knew what we were choosing to pay for. We chose an older boat - we didn't want anything really fancy as I wanted to know more about actual sailing and sort of "see" how everything worked with the sails, anchors, navigation, etc. Our boat was sort of the "Toyota 4runner" option, which is exactly what we wanted -rugged, functional, and built to sail. BSV has a lot of other fancier boats too, if that's what you're looking for - we got to tour a beautiful Lagoon 50' that was a lot newer. It was amazing, but glad we chose the boat we did - we might try the newer boats next time.
We also very much wanted to be sure we were crewed with a professional staff that would be aware of the context of this trip. It was just my wife and I, and stay on the catamaran was part of our honeymoon plans. We knew there would be two crew (captain and chef), and then just us, so it was extremely important that we got GOOD people, who we could interact with/get along with, and who knew how to be professional.
Suffice to say, we got that, and much more. Our crew were Daniel and Ellen, and both were absolute professionals, and extremely humble, down-to-earth people. Technically, we just paid for a crewed boat, but in actuality we got people we could sit down and eat with, and laugh with, and go out on adventures with, and get to know as new friends - so much so that we would definitely come back, and having the same crew would be a large reason why.
I had a lot of questions about the boat, and my wife wanted to know all about the local areas and different cayes. One important thing to note - both Daniel and Ellen are locals, born-and-raised in Belize. This may not sound like a big deal, but it really makes the trip that much more interesting and comfortable, because there isn't anything they don't know how to do or to take care of, and they know all the right people in all the right places. At one point, I'd realized I had a set of car keys that needed to get all the way back to the resort hotel (Las Terrazas) where we got married. Imagine, there we are out in the middle of the water on a boat, and I've got car keys that need to go 30 miles back up the coast. Daniel took care of it - he took the dinghy into San Pedro early the next morning and had his own brother figure out how to get the keys back to my father-in-law!
Daniel is an expert captain, and knows the entire coastline like the back of his hand. We stayed in a different spot each night, and never bothered with the marinas - everything we needed was right on the boat, and we just spent our time hanging out and reading on the trampoline at night, listening to the water lap up against the boat hull, and enjoying the breeze. We stayed in the mangroves and saw the dolphins and manatee swim right up to the boat, we visited several cayes, and basically just got to see all of the coast. We even went to shore to see a local aquarium and also checked out the town of Caye Caulker.
I wanted to fish, and turns out Dan likes to fish too. He knew all the spots to fish with rod and reel, but also taught me how to spearfish, which was easily the highlight of the trip for me (if you know how to snorkel, and you know how to follow directions, he'll take you. If you do go, listen up to what he says and follow instructions, he's an expert and you'll be catching dinner before you know it!)
The food and service was amazing - Ellen is a professional chef, and presented us with local fare and different dishes (including fish/lobster that I (ahem, I mean Dan) would catch that day:)! Preparing meals that were at the level of quality we had takes time, and Ellen knew how to work in the kitchen, and was pleasant and approachable the entire time.
Really cannot say enough about this crew - it's simple for us - put us around people that have some class, and know how to be down-to-earth, and kind, and we'll enjoy it. And Dan and Ellen absolutely knocked it out of the park. If you book, request them and you won't go wrong. Handing those guys a cash tip at the end of our trip for all of their efforts was some of the best money I've ever spent.
Please feel free to contact Belize Sailing Vacations if you need a personal reference or recommendation - they should be able to put you in touch with me via phone or email.
“Amazing trip with an amazing crew!”
Reviewed 29 May 2017 for a stay in May 2017
My family and I sailed with Daniel and Christie and had the most amazing time! As a crew they were simply amazing-they were knowledgable, professional, and courteous, as well as extremely easy going and fun-a perfect combination for this type of adventure! They were always willing to accommodate us-serving amazing drinks and meals, as well as becoming our friends! It was truly a pleasure getting to know them. The meals were absolutely amazing-each day got better than the next! We also had a fun time snorkeling, kayaking, exploring the islands, fishing and swimming. We had the opportunity to swim with sharks and manta rays (an excursion that was coordinated by the crew)-a truly incredible experience. The boat itself was also beautiful, and was kept extremely clean and tidy. We definitely had enough space. We always felt safe on board due to the great crew. Daniel was an expert captain, and Christie was an expert chef-a great combination. The crew worked hard to ensure we had an itinerary that matched our interests and plans. Each day we would get done with snorkeling and be presented with fresh fruit and drinks. For lunch and dinner we would eat fresh caught fish. Overall, we are so so glad we went on this vacation and we will be returning in the future!
Megan P
“Amazing in every way - perfect family vacation!!!”
For a stay in December 2017
This was one of the best vacations my family has ever been on. Ruben and Christy are awesome! The entire group at Belize Sailing Vacations feels like one big family and we felt welcomed from the minute we stepped on the beautiful catamaran. We were met with a delicious rum cocktail and we set sail. Ruben and Christy are such a great team every detail was perfect. From sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing (brought in a WAHOO), SUP, wake boarding, beach combing & beach bars, New Years Eve in San Pedro to some of the best meals ever (Christy can turn out some amazing food in that little kitchen) - we did it all!!! We learned all about the Belize history along with some great stories. Ruben plays a mean game of Liars dice so watch out! Cheers to a great group of people ~ With warm memories Dr. Wahoo, Karen and the rest of the Shark Baits 🙂
Karen T
“Best. Vacation. Ever.”

Reviewed August 15, 2014 for a stay in July 2014
We wanted a memorable and unique 25th Anniversary vacation and we found it! We also wanted to take American Sailing Association Certification classes during our time aboard, and we got to do that too, which made it a really awesome learning vacation as well. Cliff and Rachael were phenomenal hosts. We got to sail two different catamarans, the Aubisque and the Doris, and both were lovely, spacious and fit out with all the amenities you can imagine. In one short week we covered four ASA sailing classes, snorkeled, spearfished, sailed a hobie cat, had a beach barbeque with fish we caught that morning, watched World Cup soccer games at a beachfront bar, windsurfed, swam with rays, sharks, turtles and barracuda. Each local guide was wonderful and knowledgeable, as were the mechanics and marina staff who gave us orientations to the boats. Our driver to and from the airport was prompt and friendly. This vacation was far beyond our wildest dreams; we were taken care of, entertained, educated and treated like royalty. We didn't know what to expect beyond just being aboard for a week of sailing, but they actually took the time to find out what our interests were and made sure we got to do lots of different things. Rachael is a phenomenal chef and provided unique and scrumptious meals that met our needs to a T. Cliff is not only an accomplished sailor but an excellent teacher as well, making our classwork fun and interesting. We will definitely be going back again and again!
Chris C
“ASA courses a - World Class ”
For a stay in January 2018
I returned to Belize Sailing Vacations, this time to learn about sailing. What an amazing decision that was. The accommodations on Luna Sea were of course remarkable, as we expected after our stay on Doris a few months ago. And Belizean waters never disappoint, even though the weather was uncharacteristically windy, rainy and cool. Most impressive though was the crew, who also doubled as our instructors. Captain Casey and First Mate Sarah were exemplary in every way. For starters, Casey is the most qualified ASA instructor in Central America. With a kind and confident style, he teaches with the effectiveness of someone twice his age. As first mate, Sarah was mostly responsible for our gourmet meals and accommodations, but get this - she is also ASA certified! So no matter what we were doing we were surrounded by expertise and luxury, and the learning experience was incredibly enhanced by this. Whether you are looking for the vacation of a lifetime or you're ready to invest in your sailing education, you can't make a better choice than Belize Sailing Vacations.

Reviewed January 20, 2015 for a stay in January 2015
We have the pleasure of staying on the Doris for 10 glorious nights. Right from the time our flip flops hit the bucket until we tied back to the dock at the marina, Captain Andy and Kainie took amazing care of my husband, my sister and her husband. Mandy in the office did a great job of putting together our trip.

Andy is a very good sailor and the guys enjoyed taking their ASA 101 with him. He took us to the best snorkel spots and it was great that he accompanied us to show us some interesting things we probably would of missed without his eagle eyes! The reef is very healthy!!

Kainie's meals were soooooo good. She did a fantastic job with my sisters gluten allergy! Kainie is very organized, good communicator and very easy to visit with.

Definitely would like to return to do the outer reef with Andy and Kainie.

Thanks Belize Sailing Vacation.
Hockey Alberta
For a stay in January 2018
This being our 2nd trip on the Doris, it is hard to believe it could be better then our first trip on Doris 3 years was sooooo much better!! Kainie created her gluten free magic in the kitchen again......num num num!! We ate sea to table thanks to our captain Mannie who went snorkelling with us everyday and snagged snapper, hogfish, lobster and crab!! Whatever Kainie needed he provided!! Sadly the weather didn’t cooperate for us to get out to Turneffe......we will have to come back again but will come back in the right month to get out there! The snorkelling was AMAZING and life on a boat over 12 nights never gets old!! Till the next time
“Outstanding experience”
For a stay in August 2017
Best snorkeling ever. Outstanding food. Both Danny and Sarah rate 5+ stars. We are looking forward to our next trip. Steve and Deb K
steven k
“Amazing trip!!”
For a stay in January 2018
I was on this trip with my family and we had the best time! Casey and Claudia were amazing the whole trip. We were treated to our own island for a day! I can’t say enough about how awesome the boat, the crew, the company was. Everything was spectacular
“The most wonderful holiday.”
For a stay in December 2017
We have just returned from the most brilliant eight night charter with Belize Sailing Vacations. Our skipper Jessie and cook Karla made the trip for us. Prior to our arrival, we completed our form stating we wanted lots of sailing, empty remote anchorages with loads of snorkeling. As we boarded the catamaran Jessie confirmed if we were still happy with our choices, I said yes and before I had even gone below we were under sail heading to the Southern Cays. Jessie is a very experienced skipper and he took us to places we only dreamed of. Karla's cooking and hosting was so wonderful and seemed effortless. Both Jessie and Karla gave our children a wonderful holiday: delicious meals and copious snacks on the foredeck, endless guided snorkeling with spear fishing, wake boarding behind the dinghy, and the most brilliant fishing. Nothing was ever too much for Jessie and Karla, they were totally professional, and at the same time friendly and enthusiastic. We will be back with Jessie and Karla next December.
“Worth every penny! Thank you Rory, Carrie and Sea Dale”

Reviewed March 7, 2015 for a stay in February 2015
We were excited to spend a week aboard the Sea Dale with captain Rory and chef Carrie, while Dan successfully took his ASA certification. The cabins were comfortable and spacious, the meals were delicious and Carrie took care of the special needs of one of our guests who was quite ill. Rory, you are a professional! Competent, patient, a skilled sailor and a delightful person , thank you for your guidance and for passing on your knowledge. We had a wonderful vacation and have memories that will last a lifetime.
“Best honeymoon ever!”
Reviewed 21 June 2017 for a stay in June 2017
1 person found this review helpful I booked a boat to sail for 4 nights after our wedding and it more then exceeded our expectations. First off, the boat was huge, clean and well stocked with fun. The captain, Danny, gave some great suggestions for places to sail/visit and was very knowledgeable on what to do that'd fit our interests. Sarah kept our drinks and bellies filled all day and night. Every single meal was fresh, delicious and had a huge variety to keep our taste buds dancing. Then, to top our trip off, we hooked a very large Mahi-Mahi while trolling. The fish shortly became a sushimi snack and tuna steaks later for dinner. I would recommend this type of vacation for anyone who's bored of the typical resort and have an adventurous side, without compromising luxury.
A TripAdvisor Member
“Excellent advanced sailing training- also very fun!!!!!!”

For a stay in April 2015

I had signed up to do some advanced sailing training. 2 weeks before the trip the other student canceled. I was given the option to reschedule (I needed the training now!) or a shorter private training even though they don't normally do that. Cliffe Wilson, my Capt and instructor was a competent, professional, encouraging teacher. As a former flight instructor I know what it takes to be an excellent teacher and he is!!!! I came away much more confidence in my Captain ability and had a lot of fun along the way. Kerrie, along with Cliffe's wife Rachael made us delicious food (I want the recipes!) arranged for Allie, a tour guide friend to give me a private snorkel tour of the marine reserve, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I feel like I have new friends out on the water. Thanks to all of you!
Karen C
“An memorable week of sailing with magical islands, great food and companionship.”
Reviewed 29 May 2017 for a stay in May 2017
We sailed on the catamaran Doris with Captain Andrew and cook/first mate Matt on a six night ASA101/103 trip. Accommodation on the Doris exceeded our expectations. The boat and other gear provided on board was well maintained. We had a very comfortable room with our own bath. Matt and Andrew were extremely competent sailors and instructors along with being very amiable hosts. Matt's cooking was very tasty, made creative use of Belizean ingredients from land and sea and each meal was presented beautifully. What an unexpected treat on a sailboat! We hadn't sailed in years, but with Matt and Andrew's help we learned the basics of sailing a large boat like the Doris. Given a good wind she was great fun to sail! After a day of sailing there was an anchorage near a different tropical island each night and a chance to snorkel on the Belize Reef, an experience that in and of itself would have made for a memorable vacation. For us this trip was a wonderful mix of being pampered by the crew, enjoying the beauty of the sea and islands but also being challenged to learn new skills. It takes an experienced crew to get the right balance! Thank you for a wonderful vacation.
A TripAdvisor Member
“Beyond Our Dreams”
For a stay in April 2017
My husband and I spent 5 nights on the Holycon with Captain Matt and Ellen to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. It was truly an amazing experience. The professionalism yet fun attitude of the crew made for a great experience. The food was absolutely fabulous, we always had a drink in our hands and the snorkeling locations were out of this world. On our last day of snorkeling we came across 2 mega manatee which swam right by us and back again. It was surreal and Matt our captain seemed as excited as we were. We would highly recommend this charter service - everything was wonderful.
A TripAdvisor Member
“Unbelievable Vacation”

We (two couples) just got off an unbelievable sailing vacation aboard the Doris. Jason (our captain) was very knowledgeable and a great sailor. Jason was very personable and assisted us with all our needs. We always felt comfortable with him at the helm. Kainie (our chef) was excellent. We all really enjoyed the food and she went out of her way to accommodate our varied pallets. If you can afford the additional amount, the Doris is well worth it. The top area, where Jason piloted the boat, was a critical seating area when the boat was under way to get out of the sun and get an incredible breeze. The snorkeling was amazing. Our guide (Ally) was wonderful. She made us all feel very comfortable snorkeling with sharks and sting rays. ...Read full article on Trip Advisor
“OMG: Personalized Perfection!”
For a stay in August 2017
Booked 6 nights to sail and snorkel the barrier reef: it was superb! Captain Danny knew all the best spots to see healthy coral and beautiful fish, and is a fabulous spear-fisherman to boot. (5 snapper in 30 mins!). His fresh lobsters and fish were delightfully prepared by Chef Sarah with artful & delicious Caribbean flavors. And her desserts were amazing! We had a great time, but the real test of any trip is how the Captain and Crew handle changes of plans or interruptions. Fortunately, we had no major issues on the lovely Luna Sea catamaran. But Danny really proved his mettle by finding a great hide-out marina when weather threatened, aiding his fellow captains who needed assistance, and repairing a minor AC matter. He knows the waters, the local fishermen, and all the flora/fauna /local history. The mood was always upbeat, but safety was elegantly built into all activities. We're good swimmers, but they always joined us snorkeling until they were sure we were comfortable with the currents in any location. We had some special needs (extra AC, balance issues, etc), and they accommodated wonderfully. Reservations are easy, trip is personalized, catamarans are shiny clean & well maintained: just do it!
“Amazing experience”
For a stay in December 2017
It was a wonderful experience, Belize is a lovely country with tons to see and do. Our trip was awesome, everything came up as planned. The crew was superb!! Casey our Captain and Christie the first mate went the extra mile for us. The boat was pristine with everything in excellent condition. Thanks to all the team for an unforgettable holiday.
“Over the Top !!!!!!!!”
Reviewed 9 May 2017 for a stay in May 2017
It was our 30th Anniversary .....and it will never be forgotten. The only way to see Belize is on a 9 night sailing adventure with captain Ruben and 1st mate Christina!!! They were unBelizable . Ruben knows the waters and everybody on them and every island . Together Ruben and Christina did everything to make our trip the Best that it could be . They were so good in so many ways ....fabulous dinners ... ceviche (mmmm....) we caught fish ... spent days on fabulous deserted islands ... snorkelled with sharks and stingrays and the Nicest Coral I have ever seen . Ruben and Christina did more than just look after us ...they became became our Friends . Our friends Brian and Donna came with us to Celebrate our special anniversary .....on our last night we were not ready to go home home ....Ruben and Christina keep saying after each day " the Best is still to come " and they delivered !!!!! We can't say enough about our Belize Sailing vacation .....please Call me if you want any information about our great experience Fred Formosa 604-2905464
Fred Formosa
“Once in a lifetime experience !”
For a stay in July 2017
We joined Ruben and Christy aboard the 50 ft Lagoon Catamaran for a full week sailing in the Belize Cays and we had the most fabulous time ! We , family of 4 with two kids 17 and 20 old from the Netherlands, are experienced sailors but never experienced such a relaxing holidays with so many new things to discover: Ruben took us snorkeling and lobsterhunting on the reef, arranged scuba dives for us and showed us the most beautiful cays ( Goffs Caye is a gem and Thatcher Caye a find). Christy spoilt us with her fantastic cooking and made sure our self caught fish ( Cobia, grouper , mackerel , lobster and tuna) was deliciously prepared for us to enjoy. And let's not forget, they both play a mean set of liars dice! We had so much fun! A once in a lifetime experience in Belize...
“Good boat - GREAT people”
Reviewed 25 May 2017 for a stay in May 2017
We sailed on the 47' Luna Sea and had a blast. Snorkeling, fishing, sailing, exploring, and eating (oh the food!!) were all spectacular. Ellis and Clodia made sure we had a great trip. Many thanks to both of you.
Craig M
“Unbelizeable Family Fun!”
For a trip in January 2018
This was an ideal family getaway. Best way to see Belize as the sea is really what you are there for....It seemed the towns had limited in the way of luxury vacation spots ....Belize by yacht was luxury, effortless, exciting and relaxing . Our family really enjoyed each other in the stress free atmosphere. Excellent Captain Jesse , was knowledge, calm and confident . We dubbed him Captain Cucumber for his" calm as a cucumber" demeanor throughout . Amazing Chef Sabrina ( Breezy) was just outstanding -always accommodating our picky eaters and she was the most upbeat, positive and energetic hostess with the mostess. Her abundant food was incredibly, creative and always a hit even though we had many food restrictions. Both crew members where always attentive when necessary but kept their distance when appropriate. We would love to be able to come back and sail again with this outfitter... might have to break our rule of never going back to the same place twice . Our recommendation is to bring extra towels, lots of books and games , extra bathing suits and flip flops with White soles otherwise dont bother bringing any else- its all taken care of .
“Trip of a lifetime- dream honeymoon trip”

For a stay in May 2015
Belize Sailing Vacation not only met but totally exceeded my expectations on what my honeymoon was going to be. Before even stepping foot in the beautiful country of Belize I knew this was going to be a great trip thanks to Mandy, who worked with me tirelessly to make this dream a reality. She responded to every email immediately, scheduled pick up from airport, all the essentials my husband and I requested; it was a true pleasure working with her to make this happen. We were on the Sea Dale, which was a perfect size for a solo couple; we had plenty of room and never felt crowded the whole week on board- it was so nice having our own side of the ship with a nice size bedroom, bathroom, and shower. The crew was amazing- Captain Wayne "1/2 inch" was so knowledgeable about the ship and the waters- he grew up on the sea and you can see his passion for what he does. He took us to some of the most amazing islands, snorkeling everyday in the most beautiful waters I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot)- he also has quite the sense of humor and loves fishing, which was a huge plus for my husband. Our on board chef was Kerrie from Philadelphia, her food was a dream. There is not a single meal I was not fond of, and I still dream of her banana/coconut curry! If you have the pleasure to sail with this crew, you are one lucky group! We didn't venture off the boat too much, we felt so at home there and really loved the life of a sailor for the week- but there is plenty to do if you do decide to venture off the boat. On our last day Kerrie arranged for us to be picked up at the marina and taken on a day excursion to the zoo them cave tubing. Both were so much fun, the gentleman they set us up with was so informative, knew every animal in the zoo (with incredible accuracy on his birds), and knew all sorts of fun stories about the Mayans while we were tubing. Overall, this was a trip of a lifetime, it was truly life in the lap of luxury!
“Just Another Day in Paradise”

For a stay in May 2015

We are a family of 4 who decided that we wanted to try something different for our vacation this year. We booked our vacation through Absolute Belize who handled our entire booking from start to finish. I was completely satisfied with our trip. All questions, all details were taken care of ahead of time. We stayed 3 nights on land in the beginning and then we were taken directly to the marina to embark on one of the most amazing trips. We were met at the marina and all we had to do was unpack.We truly packed too many clothes for this trip and had to leave most of what we brought in a locker at the marina. Don't make my mistake. All you need is your swimsuit, a cover-up and a few dry clothes for evening. We loved this trip! I woke up every morning and took a look at the beautiful water and said," Ah, just another day in paradise!" Our captain, Ellis, took care of all the sailing and points of interest and our cook, Ashanti, was a marvelous cook! She cooked the most delicious meals and snacks. My husband asks me every week, when are we going back! We loved this trip! If you want to be completely relaxed and enjoy boating, being in the sun, and looking at the most beautiful water each day, this is the trip for you.
Jan S
Best Experience of our Lives!”

For a stay in April 2015

We honeymooned with Captain Cliff and Chef Christy. If you are hesitating to take a trip with Belize Sailing Vacations, you shouldn't! It was without hesitation, the most incredible experience we've ever had. We are both past cruisers with large cruise ship lines and will never return to cruising after our personalized experience aboard the Aubisque. In the first 24 hours, we had done more than all of our cruising experiences added together: sailing, swimming, snorkeling, spear fishing, kayaking, conch diving, fishing, beach combing, site seeing... And that was just the first day! The trip continued with amazing experiences and 5 star meals. Of course the alcohol is all included and free flowing so that was a continued plus through out the trip. The trip started great with a man who they arranged to pick us up from the airport. The drive was short but full of information about the area and tips about what to eat and top sites to see. Every question we asked was met with friendly answers. Then we arrived at the boat where Cliff gave us a bucket for our shoes and Christy put a drink in our hands. We got on and took a tour and got a run down of the itinerary. Then we were off! We spent 4 days visiting small islands, fishing and snorkeling along the way. He introduced us to a few locals and helped us find the best places to shop or things to see. Cliff spent some time teaching my husband how to sail and aspects of navigation. Every dinner was candlelit and romantic. Every aspect seemed perfectly personalized to our wants for the day. It was so much better than any vacation we've ever been on and in the end, the strangers you meet at the dock, become new friends. The only regret we have is planning a short trip so we could spend time on land! When the end came, we didn't want to get off the boat... So much so, that we are planning another (and longer) trip with them this winter! Again, if you have any hesitations, put them aside and book with them. They will NOT disappoint.
Krissy B
“Perfect, all inclusive family getaway.”
Reviewed 4 June 2017 for a stay in May 2017
We spent 5 wonderful nights aboard Doris touring the Belizean islands and loved it. This was our first time to take such a trip and we would definitely do it again. The boat was nicer than we expected and the service was top notch. Jesse was a great captain, who obviously knew what he was doing, and he acted as our tour guide whether it was introducing us to great little islands, leading us on great snorkel ventures, taking us around in the dingy or pulling the kids in tubes with the dingy. Kainie was an awesome cook who clearly had read our pre-trip requests given our picky kid eaters. All of the meals were great and exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a full service trip where you can just spend quality time together and not have to think about where to go, food preparation, or any other trip hassles. Great times.
Robert N
“Amazing vacation with the perfect boat and hosts”
For a stay in January 2018
My husband and I plus our two grown children and their partners sailed on the Palmetto with Jessie (captain) and Karla (cook) for 6 nights in January 2018. It was an amazing vacation. The food was outstanding and Karla was able to cater to our likes and dislikes, substituting chicken for the person that did not eat fish and providing gluten free options for two others. The alcohol was flowing and all included. Jessie provided numerous options of places to go and things to see. The accommodations were super comfortable. We sailed, snorkeled, explored a couple small towns and mangroves, also used the kayaks and stand up paddle boards. We played games at night and always enjoyed the sunset. I would definitely do this trip again and highly recommend it!!
A TripAdvisor Member
“Wonderful Experience! Top-notch Charter!”
For a stay in October 2017
We had a wonderful time on our 4 night charter on Island Girl. The boat was well maintained and Captain Dave and Sarah made us feel welcomed right away. Dave is knowledgeable and was willing to share tells of his adventures with our eager group. He kept us safe and well taken care of. Sarah, our first mate and chef, was also extremely knowledgeable not only about the food but also about sailing. She could certainly charter her own boat! The food was excellent and it was fun surprise to see what we'd be having at each meal. Both Dave and Sarah helped us spear fish, snorkel, kayak and paddleboard. There were plenty of activities to keep us busy. One note - the wifi on board was spotty, at best. This didn't severely impact our trip, but just something that's good to know if you require constant connectivity. This was our first time chartering a catamaran and Belize Sailing Vacations made the booking process easy. I'd certainly recommend them and we will definitely be repeat customers! Thanks, Dave and Sarah!
“Excellent advanced sailing training- also very fun!!!!!!”

Reviewed May 7, 2015 for a stay in April 2015
I had signed up to do some advanced sailing training. 2 weeks before the trip the other student canceled. I was given the option to reschedule (I needed the training now!) or a shorter private training even though they don't normally do that. Cliffe Wilson, my Capt and instructor was a competent, professional, encouraging teacher. As a former flight instructor I know what it takes to be an excellent teacher and he is!!!! I came away much more confidence in my Captain ability and had a lot of fun along the way. Kerrie, along with Cliffe's wife Rachael made us delicious food (I want the recipes!) arranged for Allie, a tour guide friend to give me a private snorkel tour of the marine reserve, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I feel like I have new friends out on the water. Thanks to all of you!
Karen C
“Exceptional reef delights”
For a stay in December 2017
Capt Dave and Chef Ellen on Island Girl, 47ft Lagoon cat took us off for 7 days extraordinary sailing and living, aboard a comfortable vessel with super fresh cuisine. We loved the privacy, the quiet anchorages, local fishermen, the dawn kayaking to spot great heron, feeding pelican and kingfishers, the noon snorkelling with spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks and cassiopaia jellyfish we had never even heard of, the 'other' blue holes, some of the best most populous coral heads ever, and on our last day, close encounters with manatees. Both crew were utterly devoted to our enjoying the holiday and we felt completely and exquisitely indulged. Unreserved recommendations all round.
“Absolutely Amazing Trip with a Crew that Never Stopped Amazing Us”
Reviewed 26 May 2017 for a stay in March 2017
Our law firm scheduled a retreat for 8 of our senior attorneys and decided on this company to charter a boat and crew. We had no previous experience with overnight private charters. We planned to spend half our days in planning meetings and half our days playing. Our included transportation from the airport was on time and helpful. The moment we arrived at the marina, we met Captain Jesse and Hostess Kainie. The boat was beautiful and everything that was promised, but I can't emphasize enough that this trip turned into a perfect 10 because of the staff. Jesse was fun and laid back except when he needed to be on point and safe. Kainie prepared the most incredible meals. They were healthy and exciting and seemed to appear at just the perfect time. We would be in the middle of meetings and hot homemade muffins would just appear out of nowhere. The crew knew when we needed private time and joined us when we wanted to laugh and drink. Within the first day, these two were our friends and not the crew. They helped us select stops and we invited them to join us at a dinner one night in San Pedro. We swam with sharks, hung out on a beach, and laughed so hard we cried. By the way, they didn't ask us to write a review so this is as real as it gets. If I had to give a complaint, the bathrooms/showers were a bit small, but again, we had never chartered a catamaran so we just didn't know what to expect. Kainie kept the boat incredibly clean 100% of the time. She would serve us this incredible food and we would go back inside and our rooms had been made up. I'm not sure how they did it. We are planning on going back and doing the entire trip again. I'm sure they are in high demand, but if Jesse and Kainie are available, they are the best of the best. Jesse always had security under control and we never had anything shocking happen at any time. Kainie never stopped smiling and even allowed us to borrow her clothes in a pinch. If we could give more stars, I would.
Bryan E
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